Social Wellness
Nutritional Wellness
Addiction Awareness & Prevention
Injury Prevention & Active Living

Topics could include:
  • Health Promotion 101
  • Cannabis and Health 
  • Nutrition 101
  • Understanding Nutrition Facts Labels
  • Menu Planning
  • Nutrition for physical activity
  • Myths and Facts on Diets
  • Sport Supplements
  • Stress Management
  • Injury Reduction Strategies for Sports and Physical Activity:   Leadership Brief
  • Energy Drinks
  • Sleep behaviour
  • The New Food Guide
  • Suicide's Myths and realities
All requests vill be considered !

We offer different formats of presentation according to your needs. We will adapt with the available timing and the nature of your demand ( lecture, workshop, activity, etc.). The offered presentations must include at least 1 of the 4 components of Health Promotion.