Guide d'activités - Confinement

Finally, it's summer time!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed our way of life, it has not changed the passion we feel for all the moments, events and celebrations that give so much meaning to our lives. Summer is usually full of festivities, but this year the celebrations will be a little different. However, our values and the things that are important to us remain the same. What has changed is how safely we can celebrate. Fortunately, we live in a time where it is possible to rethink our activities, so that we can keep some of these celebrations and feel close to those we love, while respecting public health guidelines. Health Promotion has put together in this guide a range of ideas for activities, resources and relaxing moments. It can therefore serve as a reference to plan moments of happiness alone or with your loved ones.  
Please note that the proposed activities do not come from Strengthening the Forces or PSP. These are activities sought by our team and put together in this document. Health Promotion does not endorse all content and your critical judgment might be required.        

Outdoor activities
Indoor activities
Activities at home
Virtual activities
For a little more reading related to our 4 pillars, here are links that have been updated for the summer.

Social wellness
Injury prevention and active life
Addictions awareness


Enjoying the outdoors helps feeling great mentally and physically in addition to being accessible to all. Here are some suggestions for activities that will fill your days during summer.
Canoe and paddle board
Traction sports
Mountain biking
Climbing and aerial ropes
horseback riding
Fruit picking
National parks
Saguenay and Lac St-Jean beaches
Kayacs, canoe and paddle board loan at Sports Store: Book online
Water Sports :
Loisirs - Saguenay | La plupart des jeux d'eau maintenant ouverts! 
Change your walking routine and discover one of these heritage tours:
Heritage Circuits | Saguenay Tourism Office - Saguenay's Official Tourism website. A city, a fjord, urban life, the great outdoors, cruises, amazing shows: everything needed for your vacations!
Various trails are open to allow us to enjoy nature and landscapes
Cook a meal on a campfire:
10 recettes à cuisiner sur un feu de camp cet été (
23 Easy Recipes for Your Fire Pit (or Grill) | Kitchn (
Try geocaching:
Paintball, Karting and laser
Amusement SPK
SRP 2021 summer outdoor Program :
2021 SRP Outdoor Program

Festivals and Events

Rythme du monde de Saguenay : August 5 to 14
Saguenay Festival international des Rythmes du monde is the most important event specializing in world music and rhythms in Quebec and the third largest in Canada
Festival International des Rythmes du Monde de Saguenay
Jazz & Blues de Saguenay :June 1 to 30
Festival Jazz & Blues de Saguenay
More festivals : dates to come
Quoi faire au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean | Tourisme Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

INDOOR ACTIVITIES                                       

There is usually a wide range of fun indoor things to do in the community.  Even though options might be more limited this year, check out these ideas and take advantage of these few opportunities to get out of the house.
Fancy family water games, Aquafun is:
Water games, a mega pool, 2 spas, a Hammam, slides, SuperSplash, floating games, a cold waterfall.
Other places for swimming:
Go visit a museum!

Savana amusement center welcomes kids under 12 years old in a playfull universe



Because we are still limited in our activities and because there will be rainy days, we can’t forget home activities ideas! 
 Radio-Canada offers free audiobooks for young and older:
Livres audio | Première | Radio-Canada Première (  (French only)
During summer, we usually don’t have the same interest to cook, mostly during hot days. You can also take it easy and order a lunch box that will only have to be arranged on the table or simmer a little before tasting it. 
Gourmet meal Boxes :
Ask your local restaurant or your favourite caterer, many offer menus for picking or delivery! 
Tips for making better choices at the restaurant
Crafts or other:
Tutorials for DIY, crafts, etc.
Sewing tutorials
DIY and family activities (french)
Get moving!
CFMWS youtube channel offers various trainings and sports activities, led by PSP fitness instructors. No need for gym or big equipment!
CF Morale and Welfare Services - YouTube 
Force4 at home is making all together Energy blocks every day! Don't miss this opportunity to get your kids moving in your living room.
Séries | Force 4  (French only)
ParticipACTION - Home | ParticipACTION
Pilates | ParticipACTION
Yoga | ParticipACTION
June 10, 2020 - Yoga & Range of Motion - Bing video PSP Halifax

This year, we are discovering more than ever the virtual world! As people might not be able to spend the holidays with family and friends, maintaining our social ties will be crucial during the holidays and beyond. Since the majority of our holiday traditions involve the presence of other people, here are some suggestions for virtual activities that could help break social isolation and entertain you: 
Online Escape Game, Free or by Paying: Play alone or as a team, 100% online, enter a scenario where you will have a series of puzzles to solve that will allow you to get the conclusion of the story and thus succeed your goal. Have fun, use your imagination and logic to succeed the game. 
Jeux, 100% en ligne, à jouer dans le confort de votre demeure!! - Évade-toi Saint-Jérôme ( (French)
Platform for role-playing (e.g. dungeon and dragon). Platform in English 
Online board game platform

The Board Game Arena platform, launched in 2010, offers 175 different board games. A mix of very popular and lesser-known titles rub shoulders. If a large part of the collection is free, it is possible to pay a monthly or yearly subscription:  Play board games online from your browser • Board Game Arena

Tabletopia is one of the largest online board gaming platforms. It is possible to play its more than 800 board games either via browser or by downloading the free app on Steam. With such a collection, we find clearly for all tastes, on the other hand you have to pay a Premium subscription to have access to all games. (English) 
Jeopardy game: create one or play games
Family Treasure Hunt (French and English)
Virtual Bingo Virtual Bingo Services - Bingo Maker/ 
Virtual karaoke online or on application  paying
Virtual games to connect:,-le-mois-des-loisirs/Les-dix-meilleurs-jeux-en-ligne.aspx
Use Your Words : Online through the Steam gaming platform, this game can be played by up to 6 people and spectators can join as well. The goal of the game is to be as funny as possible in your answers to collect points and finish first (English and French, paying but cheap).
Shows, others
 Indoors shows and events:
Purchase of Quebec shows (song, humour) 
Various Quebec shows 
Virtual shows (multiple artists):
 La BAnQ offers a variety of virtual cultural outings: libraries, museums, plays, concerts, operas, ballet and dance and cinema. (French)
Are you 13 or younger? The Great Library’s Youth Space is for you. Books, movies, video games and more have been carefully selected for you. Visit this site regularly: librarians present their favourites, as well as sources of information on a variety of topics.  (French)
Palace of Versailles, Louvre Museum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, MoMa and several museums around the world open their doors virtually. From Google Arts and Culture's rich collection of virtual museums, Collections — Google Arts & Culture it is possible to zoom in on the works to have access to their details, in addition to the descriptions, almost as if we were there.
This site   brings together, on the same platform, the virtual fairy tales hours and audio storytelling to the delight of children! (French)


Whether you choose them to entertain yourself, to learn more about a topic or to get inspired, a wide variety of podcasts exists. Here are some suggestions to start exploring this almost endless world... Try a few, ask those around you what they're listening to, and you'll quickly build a list that meets your interests.
Balados | Première | Radio-Canada Première (
On s'appelle et on déjeune | Radio-Canada Première ( For those who like to hear about nutrition and nutrition from different angles, you'll love this podcast.
L'incroyable histoire | Radio-Canada Première ( A super interesting way to learn more about key history events.
Le guide de survie des Débrouillards | Radio-Canada Première ( Scientific podcast for kids, youth...and adults.
Nos questions niaiseuses
Do the silly questions deserve answers? For host Mathieu Pichette and comedian Catherine Ethier, the answer is yes! And they don't take Radio-Canada's mandate to "inform, enlighten and entertain" lightly! They go around superfluous subjects  and take a very serious look at.
El Kapoutchi
Enter the whimsical world of El Kapoutchi, the king of the villains, a character at once wacky and endearing, ready to do anything to annoy the children. Stories designed for small ears (4 to 8 years old), but that will satisfy the older ones too.
Sans Filtre Podcast - Studio SF
Sans Filtre is a weekly variety podcast hosted by PH Cantin and Doum Plante in which they talk to personalities from all walks of view in order to have substantive discussions.
Don't miss the episodes in the presence of the Pharmachien (Olivier Bernard).
Episodes | Science Vs (
Science Vs takes on fads, trends, and the opinionated mob to find out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between.
TED Radio Hour | Podcasts | TED
TED Radio Hour investigates the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world's greatest thinkers.
Dare to Lead Podcast | Brené Brown (
Conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead.
Several comedians produce podcasts. Find your favourites and follow them!


 Setting goals is good, but being able to achieve them is even better. This app helps to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating five fruits and vegetables a day or drinking more water, or reducing your intake of alcohol or added sugar. Specific frequency reminders allow you to repeat a good habit, such as drinking water every two hours. In addition, inspirational quotes help keep her motivated. The free version offers to follow up to five habits, which is more than enough to start with. HabitBull

Find the inspiration to cook at any time of the day with Cuisinidées, an app created by Dietitians of Canada. Recipe ideas are served based on your mood and schedule. Don't forget to try the new My Menu Planner tool!
Calm (iOS, Android)
 This app lets you decide how long you want to meditate or just relax, with soothing sounds and nature scenes. Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax - Apps on Google Play

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has developed a free mobile application that makes it easier for CAF personnel to access their mental health training program, Road to Mental Preparedness (RVPM), anytime, anywhere in the world. R2MR - Apps on Google Play
PSP prepared several activities as part of Happy Days! We encourage families to be careful while having fun this holiday season. Take part in imaginative contests, seasonal crafts for children, workshops for adults, special events and cultural explorer series available this season! Jolly Days Activities (


Healthy eating for holidays and events – Canada’s Food Guide  
Discover the food
10 Tips for a Delicious and Healthy Holiday Season - Unlock Food


Mental Health Archives - CMHA National
Canada Suicide Prevention Service | Crisis Services Canada
Preventing Suicide | Gouvernement du Québec (


Cosmic Kids Yoga – Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children. You'll find interactive content that builds strength, balance and confidence! 
Free Online Mindfulness Courses | Mindfulness Exercises
Tai Chi | ParticipACTION
Re-kindling the flame: 12 active date ideas to spice things up a notch | ParticipACTION


Want to find out your blood alcohol level, see what the law says or learn exactly what a standard drink is? Our tools provide the answers! Tools Archive - Éduc'alcool
A veritable goldmine of original recipes for mocktails and low-alcohol cocktails that makes it easy for your guests to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Alternalcohol features over 100 recipes, with a “search by ingredient” option.  Alternalcohol - Éduc'alcool (