Health Care

Health Care

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Pregnancy follow-up and women’s health

Throughout your pregnancy you have access to a variety of health professionals who will help care for you and your baby. There is also a whole range of services available that can help you through this important period of your life.

Health professionals who provide prenatal care and attend deliveries include some family doctors, midwives, and obstetrician/gynecologists. Since 2007, primary health care nurse practitioners have also been authorized to provide pre- and post-natal care. In addition, you will meet nurses at your prenatal classes, your CLSC, in medical clinics or hospital high-risk pregnancy clinics (GAREs), and during your labour and delivery.

If you’re thinking about giving birth at home or at a birthing centre, contact your local CLSC at the start of your pregnancy to find out if midwife services are available in your area. .

SourceFrom Tiny Tot to Toddler, A practical guide for parents from pregnancy to age two


Here's a list of resources available in the Ville de Saguenay area.

Maison de naissance du-Fjord-au-Lac(Midwifery Service Chicoutimi)

  418 541-1166

Clinique de gynécologie et d'obstétrique (Chicoutimi)
  418 545-2666
  418 541-1033

Family Planning-CLSC Chicoutimi (Chicoutimi)
  Services for women 25 years of age and older: 418 543-2221
  Youth services for women aged 12 to 24 years: 418 543-0709

GMF-Montcalm (Chicoutimi)
  418 545-4211

Clinique médicale Rivière-du-Moulin (Chicoutimi)
  418 549-3564

Perinatal Department–CSSS de Chicoutimi (Chicoutimi)
  418 541-1000, extension 1033

Clinique de médecine familiale de Chicoutimi-Nord (Chicoutimi-Nord)
  418 698-2414

Family Planning-Jonquière Hospital (Jonquière)
  418 695-7722