Physical reconditionning class

Physical reconditionning specialist

Swimming pool reconditioning class

These group classes are intended for military personnel suffering from muscular, bone or joint pain. Pool exercises do not create mechanical stress on joints, preventing pain and preventing injury. The exercise prescription is customized according to the limitations and level of fitness, and aims at the development of aerobic capacity, muscle strengthening, stabilization, coordination and flexibility. To participate in these classes, you must have a referral from the physician or physiotherapist 

Neuromuscular rehabilitation and proprioceptive program

This program is for soldiers who have had an ankle sprain or anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery. It aims to reduce the incidence of lower limb injuries and to optimize functional capacity by causing dynamic joint control and muscle strength in the lower limbs.

For information and registration, contact the Physiotherapy Department at extension 7852

Lumbar Stabilization Program

This program is for those with persistent pain in the lumbar region, whether it is a first episode or a recurring problem. It aims to improve the functional capacity and to teach the pattern of motion sparing the lumbar spine in favor of a better solicitation of the hips.

For information and registration, contact the physiotherapy department at extension 7852