A Kiss Goodbye

A Kiss Goodbye

A Kiss Goodbye A Story for 2–7 Year-Olds

Moving away can be a difficult or worrying event for everyone, even more so for a young child!

 The story, A Kiss Goodbye, written by Audrey Penn, illustrated by Barbara Leonard Gibson and published by Scholastic Editions, tells the story of Chester, the raccoon, who must move away with his family. 

Told by the soft and comforting voice of Ms. Mélissa Régnier, the story “A Kiss Goodbye” is meant to reassure children who are sad or angry at having to move. In addition to helping children express their feelings and accept the situation, the story offers them strategies for coping with the move.

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Un dernier bisou :   https://youtu.be/J7p8ZKojzi4 A Kiss Goodbye:    https://youtu.be/dfUTDauVf0s