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Online Training

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Customized Adjustment for Couples and Hold Me Tight Online Training

The MFRC has acquired access codes allowing you to follow, completely free of charge and in the comfort of your own home, a training course intended for couples.

Love Customized Adjustment for Couples 

Mrs. Danie Beaulieu, Doctor in Psychology
These 2 hours and 15 minutes online training is an original conference filled with stories and anecdotes. Several themes such as communication, factors for relationship success, libido and the effects of aging are discussed.
The access code is valid for only one computer at a time and remains valid for 4 days after the first activation. In addition, it offers you the possibility to download Le Manuel d’entretien de la vie amoureuse, an excellent complement to the training.
For more details, visit the training page.

 *** Please take note that this workshop is offered in French only.

Hold Me Tight

 Dr. Sue Johnson
The Hold Me Tight program is the result of numerous studies and research on harmonious relationships. Divided into 8 sections, each of which includes, among other things, information, video clips and expert testimonials, this training aims to help couples form solid bonds and live a more satisfying relationship.
The access code allows you to follow the training at your own pace. In addition, as you progress, you may receive practical exercises to do at home via email.
For more details, visit the program page.
*** Please take note that this workshop is offered in English only.


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