Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Registration mandatory before September 1, 2021. Please note that this event is offered in French only.

Mental Health First Aid Training for veterans and their families

The MFRC, in collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, invites all veterans and their families to participate in the Mental Health First Aid training, free of charge.
Like first aid for physical injuries, mental health first aid is provided until appropriate treatment is offered or until the crisis subsides.
Among other things, this course will allow you to: 
  • learn more about the most common illnesses and mental health problems, such as addictions, panic attacks and suicidal behaviours
  • know what to do if a person has a mental health problem or is going through a psychological crisis 
  • be more confident and willing when it comes to helping others
  • improve your own mental health.
  Teaching method Date Duration
Module 1 Self-Learning To complete before September 13 Approximately 2 hours
Module 2 Online, via Zoom Thursday, September 16 From noon to 4 p.m.
Module 3 Online, via Zoom Friday, September 17 From noon to 4 p.m.

*The links will be sent later to the registered participants. Please note that this event is offered in French only.



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