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Ami-Buddy Language Partnering Program

Would you like to improve your speaking skills in French or English as a second language while meeting new people?

Then, why not sign up for the Bagotville Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC)  Ami-Buddy Language Partnering Program!

Even if this program is not part of the MFRC language classes, it is an excellent way to complement them.

You will be able to maintain your level of proficiency between the sessions and use your mastery of your first language for the benefit of someone.


Speech Balloon on JoyPixels 4.5 How does it work? 

 The Bagotville MFRC will undertake to twin you with your language partner.
This program consists of pairing you with a language partner, according to specific criteria, ranging from your place of residence to your common interest.

Once matched by the MFRC, it will then be up to you and your partner to communicate to determine the frequency, location and duration of your conversations.

Ami-Buddy is a great way to share your mastery of your native language, while improving your use of a second language, all according to a flexible learning schedule that you will determine among yourselves.

Memo on JoyPixels 4.5 How to sign up?

All you need to do is download and fill in the program form (by clicking here) and return it in person or by email (see the contact information below)!