Military sports

Sports for the military

The Wing sports coordinator gives our military members the opportunity to indulge in their favourite sport at various levels. Whether they play recreationally, in intersection leagues, on representative teams or in the world championships of the international Military Sports Council (CISM), our military members are well served and supported.

For the representative teams, the Wing has teams playing in all the regional championships:
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- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Men's Hockey
- Women's Hockey
-Old timers Hockey
- Squash
- Running
- Triathlon
- Slow pitch ball
- Ball hockey
- Golf
- Soccer
- Taekwondo

For intersection sports, the Wing has an ice hockey league, a ball hockey league and a slow pitch league.
For the various recreational sports, teams are made up at the request of members.

The military sports coordinator ensures that the sports teams function properly and is responsible for organizing special events, such as regional championships and the sports awards gala.

To reserve sports equipment, or to have more details concerning the sports team of the Wing, please contact Claudie Descôteaux at (418) 677-4000 extension 7677 or via email at

To reserve sports facilities, please contact Martin Boulianne, sports facilities coordinator, at (418) 677-4000 extension 7521 or via email at