Medical Accompaniment

Medical Accompaniment


Medical Accompaniment Service Bagotville MFRC

The search for healthcare is one of the major concerns of military families. Therefore, the Bagotville MFRC has created a health support agent’s position to accompany military families provisionally in this search.  

Our health support agent can thus assess your needs and support you if you have difficulty finding your way through the Quebec healthcare system or even if you fear not being understood because of your mother tongue when you explain your situation.

In addition to helping you to get acquainted with the regional healthcare system during individual meetings, our agent can accompany you temporarily to a few medical appointments if you don’t have a family or social resource to which you can turn. 

Please call the Bagotville MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468 to make an appointment with our health support agent or even to get further information about our services.