Regional Partners

Regional Partners


Services Offered by Regional Partners

Your MFRC is continually searching for ways to support you in the various challenges that you encounter.

To do so, our social workers who take part in the "Give It a Rest Program" can direct you towards the services offered by regional businesses or partner organizations. They will also be able to contact those in charge of the organization of your choice.

You will find here below a few examples of services offered by organizations and company partners to which you may be sent.  

Please note that these services are not all free: some may, indeed, incur user fees.

Your information will be processed in a completely confidential manner with assured respect by a professional MFRC social worker.
For any question or request connected to the "Give It a Rest Program", please call the MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468. You will be immediately directed towards a member of our team who will know how to accompany you according to your needs.


The Centres d’action bénévole (Community Volunteer Centres) of each of Saguenay’s boroughs offer planned transportation for appointments at the hospital, doctor’s office, hairstylist, etc. This service is offered by volunteers from the regional community.

  Meal Preparation  

Organizations that are often called popote roulante (Meals on Wheels) offer meal delivery at home. Our territory’s various family support services also offer the possibility of transporting a visiting homemaker to your home to prepare a few meals without, however, an adaptation to specific diets.
You are convalescing, and meal preparation is too demanding a task for the moment: we can recommend an organization to you accordingly or even contact those in charge of the chapter closest to your home.


Do you want to give yourself a break, improve your quality of life or even spend more time with your family? The different home help services of our territory offer the possibility of obtaining conscientious resources to carry out your housekeeping tasks.

The MFRC can also inform you about the coordinates of regional businesses that do housework.

  Grocery Store and Pharmacy

A few regional grocery stores and pharmacies offer the possibility of grocery shopping for you or preparing your medication, which will then be delivered to your home. Don’t hesitate to ask for the list of participating merchants if you can’t go to the store to do your shopping.