VFP Transition Programs

VFP Transition Programs

Programs and Resources Veteran Family Program (VFP)

These programs and resources are available to CAF members and medically released veterans as well as their families.

For further information about the items below, please contact the Bagotville MFRC’s Veteran Family Program Coordinator. Her role is to provide information and expertise, and to refer you to the best resources to meet your needs and facilitate your transition to civilian life.

Veteran Family Journal
  • A tool to ease your transition to civilian life and to help you determine your needs.

  • Includes checklists, reminders, information, resources, and free space to keep a list of your priorities throughout your transition.

  • For further information about the Veteran Family Journal, visit the official website or contact the Veteran Family Program Coordinator.


Mental Health First Aid Training for the Veteran Community​

  • A program focusing on skills and confidence improvement to start conversations about mental health while reducing stigmas and promoting the recognition of common mental health issues.

  • Facilitated group sessions.

  • Content adapted for veterans and those who support them.

  • Training provided in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Information Session About Financial Literacy for Families in Transition​
  • SISIP Financial provides virtual or in-person information sessions about financial planning for your family during your transition from military to civilian life.

  • The following topics will be covered:

    • Insurance options.

    • Cash flow and sources of income.

    • Retirement options, including VAC’s Canada Pension Plan.

    • Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits, Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), and tax credits.

Living Life to the Full Course
  • Mental health promotion program in the form of interactive group sessions.

  • The focus is on behavioural principles to allow participants to practise skills and life strategies as well as to manage moods, self-esteem, stress and anxiety, in a setting in which peers surround them.

  • Living Life to the Full can help all people who experience a transition:

    • CAF members and their family members who undergo the release process for medical reasons.

    • Medically released veterans and their families.

    • People who want to develop stress management strategies.

    • People who feel comfortable in front of a group.


Referral to Documentation and Reference Tools ​
  • Books and documents about subjects related to the stages of transition and the particular challenges of a medical release process.

  • Visual and evocative books for children and teenagers.

  • Informative video suggestions about operational stress injuries.

E=MC3 Group: Together to
Better Understand

  • A group for families (children aged between 7 and 12 or adults, depending on the demand) with a member affected by an operational stress injury (OSI).

  • Information, education, support, and sharing meetings.

  • Lending of adapted tools and documentation (storybooks to explain OSI to children or communication tools such as emotions pictograms, anger in the body, and family-challenge cards).

Bagotville MFRC’s Available Resources
  • Psychosocial support.

  • Child, youth, and family services.

  • Employment integration services (career guidance).

  • French and English courses.