Childcare Services in Quebec

Childcare Services in Quebec

There are 2 types of childcare services in Quebec. It may take some time to get a place, especially for children aged 18 months or less. 

This is why you must begin your search early, sometimes a year in advance, if you want to have a good range of childcare options. By registering your child on a waiting list, you’ll probably be able to have them admitted at the right time.  




Fee: $8.25 per day

An adjusted contribution is added according to family revenue. It will be paid to Revenu Québec when you produce income tax returns.
Fee: from $25 to $50 per day
It is possible for you to ask for a tax credit for childcare fees by advance payment. You must make your request to Revenu Québec.

Types of environments: 
  • Childcare centres (Centre de la petite enfance or CPE)
  • Home childcare services.
Types of environments: 
  • Private daycare centres
  • Non-subsidized home childcare services

If you want more information about Quebec childcare reimbursement methods and conditions, please visit the following websites to get additional information. 


For further informations, please contact Bagotville MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468.