L’équipe du CRFM

Bagotville MFRC Staff


Bagotville MFRC Staff

To get further information, please contact the MFRC by dialing 418 677-7468.




Isabelle Gauthier
Executive Director
Annie Massicotte
Administrative Clerk

Psychosocial Services and Prevention


Julie Tremblay 
Family Separation and Reunion Coordinator
Annie Deschamps
Clinical Supervisor and Prevention, Support, and Intervention Coordinator

Catherine Tremblay-Bolduc
Veteran Family Program Coordinator 
Gabrielle Perron
Family Liaison Coordinator

Mélissa Régnier
Posting Support and Liaison Officer
Anne-Julie Simard
Psychosocial Support Officer

Geneviève Lévesque
Posting Support and Liaison Officer 
(on maternity leave)

Personal Development and Social Commitment


Émilie Vallée   

Personal Development and Social Commitment Coordinator


Joanie Cantin​
Employment Integration Officer
Marie-Ève Rouleau
Information and Referral Officer

Anne Bruneau-Poulin
Communication and Marketing Officer 
(on maternity leave)

Ginette Tremblay
Translator and Copy Editor
Lucie Petit

Communica tion and Marketing Officer  

Child & Youth Development and Parenting Support 


Christine Harvey-Paquet
Child, Youth, and Family Coordinator *ECC

Ariane Marinier
Program Support Officer
Mila Bavakaran
Childcare Worker 

François Allard Audet
Social and Family Counsellor 
Andrea Vasquez
Childcare Worker 
Josiane Gagnon
Youth  Worker
Michelle Turcotte
Childcare Worker 

Sophie Falardeau
Teen Town Facilitator & Childcare Worker 
Rachelle Rivard
Childcare Worker at the Preschool Workshops

Makayla Blanchette
Teen Town Facilitator
Anne-Marie Cronkwright
Childcare Worker 

Andréanne Lajeunesse
Childcare Worker 
Lina Larouche
Childcare Worker 

Helene Legault
Childcare Worker 
Andréanne Moreau
Childcare Worker 

Teen Town Facilitators:

  • Anne-Julie Simard
  • François Allard-Audet
  • Sophie Falardeau
  • Josiane Gagnon
  • Makayla Blanchette