Junior Ranks' Mess

Junior Ranks' Mess


Junior Ranks' Mess

The Junior Ranks Mess is also composed of two distinct rooms: The Jaguar on the upper floor and The Renaissance in the basement.
These rooms are regularly used for:
  • Quarterly,
  • Friday dinners (TGIF)
  • The Battle of Britain Parade
  • Regimental Dinners
  • lobster suppers and
  • other.

The Junior Ranks Mess offers its members:
  • Pool table
  • Soccer table
  • Table Hockey
  • Air hockey table
  •  "Xbox" console with games
  •  2 dance floors
  • Sound system with space for the DJ
  • BBQ area with terrace
  • 2 TVs of 42 '' size
  • Screen projector
  • The dart game
  • Poker Table and Chips

During opening hours, the "Renaissance" bar of the Junior Ranks is open to all members.

The Jaguar           Sitting:       98
  Standing: 158
The Renaissance Sitting:    150
  Standing: 210

Informations :

PCAM/PMC: Cplc Dany Rioux poste 3202
VPCAM/VPMC: Cpl Maxime Guimond poste 7774

 Administrative assistant: 418-677-4000 ext:7402