Auto Club

Auto Club


Auto Club

The CFB Bagotville Automobile Club is an organization run by volunteers and is located in Building 68, across from CANEX. The club is open to all members of the military and their dependents and to civilian staff of the Base.

The Automobile Club has three well-filled tool cabinets, a varied selection of specialized tools, three workstations with heavy vehicle lifting equipment and a car wash station.

You have no or little experience in automotive mechanics? We'll be able to help you. In fact, during regular hours, the club has the service of an experienced person at all times. This person can provide advice and occasional assistance to any user.

The CFB Bagotville Automobile Club is offering a basement 4x8 trailer for $ 15 a day, and two boats for fishing with the trailer at a very competitive price.


The annual fee is $ 30.00. In addition, a rental service is available at a fixed rate of $ 2.00 / hour.

Business hours :

Monday to Friday: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, depending on the club schedule

Saturday: 08:00 to 16:00, depending on the availability of the supervisors

For information, you can call 418-677-4000 ext. 7503 to speak to the on-site supervisor.