Mar. 14: How to be an Ally for Women

In focus groups, men have said that they want to help women be successful but are nervous or afraid of mansplaining or taking over in unhelpful ways. At times, they don’t know how to navigate this dynamic and are afraid of doing it wrong. There are many allies, men and women, who are ready and willing to support each other, but are unclear how.

This workshop pulls external research into 4 key categories seen over ten years in the workplace. This workshop is for men and women who are looking to be better allies, in action. You’ll learn practical and tangible tools for us all to support each other’s success.

The 4 Key Areas

  1. Ideas will be evaluated on their own merit, independent of the identity or credentials of the author. Reality: Women have to “prove it again” -- their successes discounted, and expertise questioned.
  2. Everyone's feedback is valued, and your identity doesn't change what feedback you get. Reality: Women face higher costs and resistance when giving feedback. Women receive more feedback on personality and are given less credit for their individual contributions. Feedback isn’t a gift for everyone.
  3. Leadership and success show up in a beautiful multitude of styles. Reality: Gender linguistics means some communication styles are interpreted as less confident.
  4. We recognize that the default human tendency is to like those similar to us. But this comfort zone is risky. We must recognize our biases and mitigate them in all areas of life. Reality: People reward people who are similar to them.
Based on this research, the practical tools explored in this workshop are offered in three layers - what people can do for themselves, what we can do for each other and what managers can do for their teams.

EMPOWERMENT INC. – Yes, You CAN! Empowerment Program

Empowerment Inc. equips women to be powerful, communicators, self-advocates and negotiators so they can get the raise and pay they deserve, have the relationships they truly desire, and viscerally experience their personal power. We accomplish this through workshops, 1:1 coaching, speaking engagements, and ongoing programs.

These startling facts illustrate the importance of providing assertiveness and self-defence training:

• From a young age, girls are socialized to “be nice” and to behave passively in response to conflict. Experts and survivors say the pressure to be polite is so ingrained that it can make speaking up about assault or harassment very difficult.

• According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, “86% of women remember being taught to be nice to others growing up, only 34% were taught to share their point of view.”

• According to Glassdoor, "Women negotiate less than their male counterparts. Sixty-eight percent of women accepted the salary they were offered and did not negotiate, a 16-percentage point difference when compared to men (52%)."

• In Canada, 43% of women have been sexually harassed in their workplace and 50% of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16.

• Shockingly, 80% of sexual assault is committed by someone the survivor knows.

This must change. We can help.

The following is our Yes, You C.A.N. Empowerment Program core offering that is specifically relevant to organizations who are looking to provide practical tools and resources to empower women.
The Calgary MFRC will be providing non-alcoholic beverages and light lunch at this afternoon event. 
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Civilian Price – member’s sibling or any other relative, member’s friend, MFRC volunteers. Please note: Only 1 civilian friend per military member.

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March 2020