Other Child Care Resources

Other Child Care Resources

Kids & Company
Kids & Company also partners with many of Canada’s largest and most recognizable corporations to provide work-life balance solutions through guaranteed flexible child care and other dependent care programs and services. Kidco’s mission includes improving some of the challenges that working parents must balance, making Kids & Company a cornerstone for numerous employee wellness strategies.
Visit www.kidsandcompany.com for more information.

SOS Sitter
The SOS Sitter portal is an efficient, fast, and affordable service allowing anybody to find a caregiver in their neighbours amongst the hundreds of experienced candidates - in ONE click. By entering your postal code, you get an exclusive access to several child caregivers housekeepers special needs caregivers, or pet sitters in your neighbourhood, anywhere in Canada. Pictures, detailed profiles, recommendations, work history, and third party assessments help you build a short list of favourite candidates to interview. 
Visit www.sossitter.ca for more information.