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Canteen Project

Canteen Project

The Canteen Project is an initiative of the 4 Wing BALANCE Steering Commitee and is facilitated by PSP Health Promotion.

The purpose of the Canteen Project is to make the healthy choice the easy choice in Squadron/Unit canteens on 4 Wing. This is done by increasing the presence of healthier choices, education and marketing. 

Canteen Survey
When a Squadron/Unit/Section requests a Canteen Survey, a Survey is created and a link is sent to the Canteen Rep/UHPR/requesting member. This link is then sent to all members of the requesting unit. Surveys are generally kept open for two weeks, although this timeline can be adjusted on request. The purpose of the Survey is to understand what members want and/or need in their local canteen. A report compiling all responses is created at the end of the data collection and provided to the Unit Command Team, Canteen Rep and Unit Health Promotion Rep.

Product Evaluation
A member of the Health Promotion team will arrange an appointment to visit the Unit's canteen. The staff member will input available foods/beverages into the BeneFit calculator, noting items that are healthier choices. A report will be completed following the visit, which will incorporate findings as well as recommended action items and marketing tips.

Healthier Choices Food Box
The Healthier Choices Food Box (HCFB) provides Units with the opportunity to try new items at their Canteen before committing to any bulk purchases. It also allows Units to provide fresher foods (e.g. vegetables and fruit) on a more regular basis. Four-week trials of the HCFB can be arranged, after which the participating Unit can decide whether they would like to continue with the Program or not. 

To participate in the Canteen Project, or for more information, please contact