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Sleep & Fatigue Project

Sleep & Fatigue Project

The 4 Wing Sleep & Fatigue Project is an initiative of the 4 Wing BALANCE Steering Committee and is facilitated by PSP Health Promotion. 

The Project aims to understand the sleep habits, fatigue risk and needs of 4 Wing CAF members. This will be done over a 12-month data collection period, which will see selected groups of CAF members wear sleep data collection devices for 30-day cycles. 

The PSP Health Promotion Department is currently recruiting 4 Wing CAF members to participate in this project. Individual members can sign up, as well as units can provide up to 16 members for a cycle.

Participation Eligibility:
  • 4 Wing CAF member; and
  • not be on leave for more than 5 days during participation (weekends and scheduled days off during shift cycle are in addition). Leave days cannot be scheduled on the first or last day of the participation cycle.

Participation Requirements:
  • attend a 45min overview/set-up briefing;
  • download the applicable app on personal mobile device;
  • wear the ReadiBand (sleep data collection device) or personal approved FitBit for the duration of participation;
  • complete a 3min pre- and post-assessment survey;
  • sync to the app daily; and
  • keep track of shift schedule and submit at the end of participation
Privacy and Confidentiality
Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. We do not share individual personal data/information. The only individuals will access to personal data/information are members of the Health Promotion Team. Cumulative reports will be provided removing identifying information and will include aggregated data.

Participation Cycles
We are currently recruiting participants for the following cycles in 2021:
  • 10 June to 9 July
  • 12 July to 10 August
  • 12 August to 10 September
  • 13 September to 12 October
  • 14 October to 12 November
To learn more about the project and/or to submit your interest, please email