FORCE Evaluation

FORCE Evaluation

FORCE Evaluation

Practice FORCE Testing

Drop in, no registration required - max 12 pers.
First Tuesday of every month 0745-0830 hrs.

Fit Mix Classes

Once COVID-19 restrictions are eased, join the Fit Mix class every Monday from 1200-1245 hrs for a FORCE conditioning class. This is a great way to prepare and improve your FORCE test results.

FORCE Prep Training Programs

Here are some at home training (or at the gym) programs for each FORCE component.  They take about 15 minutes to complete, use just one or stack several together for a longer FORCE specific workout:

Do you want to PRACTICE the DRAG? 

Stop by Monday - Friday 0800-0900 hrs – the drag will be set up for FORCE testing and you can practice prior to the booked participants needing it. You can also load up our fitness training sleds with a little or a lot of weight to include dragging as part of our workout.

Bronze & Beyond

If you have passed your FORCE evaluation and are looking to go to the next level, contact to access this training package.

FORCE Fitness Profile Calculator

Click here to calculate your FORCE scores to see if you have reached an incentive level and/or to help you set your goals for your next FORCE evaluation.