FORCE Evaluation

FORCE Evaluation

FORCE Evaluation

FORCE testing is scheduled every week (bookings done through your unit coordinator). We also have the capability to offer any other approved CAF fitness test (i.e. Firefighters test, Basic Military Swim Test, SAR testing, etc.).   

PRACTICE FORCE Evaluations are conducted the first Tuesday of each month from 0745-0830 hrs. This is part of our Supplementary Physical Training Program, called Fitness Development, and any military members are welcome to attend. You are not required to be booked in for a practice test; it is a drop in class.

Military members are reminded of the following pre-evaluation instructions when preparing for this annual FORCE test...

Participants should not:
  • Exercise 6 hours prior to the test;
  • Consume alcohol for at least 6 hours prior to the test; and
  • Eat, smoke, or take stimulants (tea, coffee, energy drinks, pharmaceuticals, etc.) at least 2 hours prior to the test.
(Note: non-compliance with the above instructions does not necessarily mean postponement of testing, however, participants are advised that it can have a negative effect on their results)

The dress requirement for the FORCE Evaluation is standard PT kit. CADPAT can be worn as directed by the COC. Knee pads can be worn for the 20 metre rushes, if desired. Participants can use athletic tape to protect their fingernails. Weight belts, gloves, and chalk are not permitted.

If you have any questions regarding the FORCE Evaluation, or should you need to book a different fitness evaluation, please contact the Fitness Coordinator, Tovah Fenske for bookings or questions.

Click on the link below for everything regarding FORCE test.

Fitness for Operational Requirements for CF Employment

Specific Training Programs to help you prepare:

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