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Health Promotion Campaigns


Health Promotion Campaigns


The Health Promotion Team provides monthly campaigns to encourage the 4 Wing Community to engage in healthy behaviour change through education, awareness and skill building.
January Mental Health Awareness
February Be Heart Healthy
March Nutrition Month
April Self-Care for Stress Management
May Better Sleep for Better Health
June Active Living
July Safety in the Summer
August Healthy Summer Eating
September Strong Minds
October Healthy Workplace Month
Healthy Relationships Campaign
November Addictions Awareness
December Healthy Holidays

Current Campaign: March 2021 - Nutrition Month

We are excited to announce Nutrition Month! This is a national campaign by the Dietitians of Canada which all HP teams across Canada take part in. We are providing our campaign completely virtually this year. Follow 4 Wing Connection on Facebook and @4winghealthpromotion on Instagram to get all the content!

Here are the activities we have planned:
  • Fast Food Takedown, where we provide a healthier alternative to a popular fast food item and ask that you play along too! Those who make the recipes and provide a photo as proof will be entered into a draw.
  • Healthy A-Z of Foods, where we highlight healthy food choices following the alphabet.
  • Recipe highlights from the Nutrition Month e-book.
HP Teams across Canada are going virtual! Check out the calendar to see live events and activities that you can take part in!