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CAF Sports Week


CAF Sports Week 22 October 2020 has been named as the 8th Annual Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Sports Day

But a day is hardly enough for 4 Wing to celebrate sports! Thus 19-24 October 2020 has been chosen as 4 Wing’s first ever CAF Sports Week!!! 

See our video with highlights from the week below:

In a nutshell, the week has been designed to include the 3 C's of sport…Camaraderie, Competition, and Calm!  It looked like this:
  • Monday – Here’s the Camaraderie piece…warm-up with a unit Volksmarch.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – Competition will run high with the three day “Try-a-Tri” event.
  • Friday – There will still be more Camaraderie and Competition to be had as you wear your favorite sports jersey to work and here’s where Calm enters the picture, as you cool-down with Yoga.
  • Saturday – Get all three C's as you make active play part of your weekend by participating in the Community Sports Day events!
Yes, this is all about fun and fitness (and reinforcing our CAF culture of health and physical fitness in support of Canada’s Defence Policy “Strong, Secure, and Engaged”) and what’s more fun than winning prizes?! Thanks to our sponsor, Inter Pipeline, there were hundreds of dollars in Unit Prizes and individual Prizes to be won! 

A big thanks to our sponsor!!