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Re-certification/Training/Education Reimbursement for Military Spouses

Support Our Troops has received in excess of $1.8M from the proceeds of the sale of Alberta Specialty License Plates. The intention of the Alberta Government is that these funds must be used to support military families in the Province of Alberta. Over the last three years, the funds have been used in a myriad of ways to support CAF families: scholarships, camps, medical/dental travel, site specific programming at MFRCs etc. CFMWS is pleased to announce additional support to assist families residing at 4 Wing Cold Lake:

Starting 1 April 2018, up to $3.5K will be available to spouses/significant others to support re-certification/training/education in order to increase the success of finding employment. 
  • Spouse/significant other must be reflected on your MPRR
  • Courses must be at a recognized post-secondary institution or adult retraining centre
  • Courses can be through distance learning
  • Courses will be short in duration, a few weeks or months
  • Courses must be related to potential employment
  • For re-certification, proof from the applicable professional association is required
To apply for reimbursement, CAF members are to complete Schedule A and Schedule H to the Support our Troops Program, attach detailed receipts dated after 1 April 2018 and a copy of your MPRR.  Registration for NPP Direct Funds Transfer is also required if you have not previously registered.

Schedule A, H and all supporting documentation is to be hand-delivered to Teresa Boisvert, SISIP Financial Counsellor, located in the CANEX Mall. Once approved by national authorities, reimbursement will be deposited directly into your bank account.