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FLO - Family Liaison Officer

The Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is a part of the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) and the Transition Centre. The FLO ensures the widest variety of support is available

FLO Serve: All family members of a CAF member, Veteran, Regular or Reserve Force, including their spouses, children, parents, relatives of significance or people who self-identify as the family of that member.

Whether the member is returning to service or transitioning through the release process the FLO is available to help families cope with all phases of the member’s recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. FLOs are there to support the whole family through deployments, transitions and everyday struggles.

FLO services are free of charge and are delivered by experienced professionals who understand the challenges of your military lifestyle.

FLO Services;

  • Short-term individual, family or group counselling
  • Referrals to mental health services for adults and children
  • Access to education and prevention-based programs
  • Short-term individual or group support for families of ill, injured or deceased members
  • Outreach and support to families in the surrounding area
  • Tailored assistance to families of the fallen


Nikita Proulx
4 Wing Family Liaison Officer
Tel: 780-594-6006 ext. 231

Strongest Families Referrals - Mental Health Support

Difficulties with behaviour or anxiety?

- Free programs for Military Members, Veterans and their spouses/dependents.

- Program delivery in the comfort and privacy of your home (telephone coaching) at convenient times.

  • Childhood Behaviour (Ages 3-12)
  • Bedwetting (Ages 5-12)
  • Stress Management (Ages 9-16)
  • Anxiety for Children & Adults
Strongest Families can also help prepare families for transitions such as deployments, postings, training courses and reintegration!

Get a referral today! Contact 4 Wing MFRCS at 780-594-6006