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Wing Commander's Wellness Challenge

4 Wing Foodie Challenge

Wing Commander's Wellness Challenge

Col Moar has announced the 2020 Wing Commander's Wellness Challenge and it's all about nutritional wellness!

The 4 Wing Foodie Challenge aims to get you in the kitchen and cooking healthy recipes that you may not have tried before. Don't worry if you're a beginner - the recipes that have been selected are easy to follow with simple ingredients.

The challenge will start on June 1 and end on August 24. Each week two recipes will be posted: one for adults and one for children. Even if you don't have children, feel free to try both recipes! There will be a weekly winner in each category as well as a grand prize winner in each category. Want to learn how to play and win? Keep reading...

How To Play
1. Click "Going" on the weekly 4 Wing Foodie Challenge Facebook Event on the 4 Wing Connection Facebook page.
2. Fill out the quick 1-minute registration form below (this needs to be filled out so you can be entered to win prizes!).
3. Every Monday morning the week's Foodie Event will be published with two new recipes. You will have until the end of day on Sunday to make the recipe. Before you eat it, make sure to take a picture of your creation.
4. Post your picture in the Facebook event and Rate Your Plate out of 5 stars (1 = terrible, will never make again; 5 = excellent, will definitely make again).
5. Each week that you post a photo AND rate the plate, your name will be entered into the draw.

Adult vs Child Category
There will be a recipe geared toward adults and one geared toward children posted each week. If you have children, this is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen. If you post photos and ratings of BOTH recipes per week, you'll have your name entered into the draw for each category.

Remember to have fun and enjoy cooking! If you have any questions and/or concerns at any time, you can contact

The Wing Commander's Wellness Challenge is administered jointly by PSP Health Promotion, Fitness and Sports, and Community Recreation.


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