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Quit It! Tobacco and Vaping Cessation

Quit It: Tobacco and Vaping Cessation

For many people, quitting tobacco and/or vaping isn't easy. That's why we're here to help you with your journey! The Health Promotion Team provides non-judgemental support and guidance to meet you where you're at. Whether you're looking to reduce your use or you're ready to quit, let us help you. 

Quit It is a self-help program with guidance from a faciliator. Participants will be provided with material and information to help them be successful with tobacco cessation. 

This program is open to the entire 4 Wing Community (i.e. military members, Veterans, DND/CFMWS employees, and family members). CAF Members can request tobacco cessation medications and/or nicotine replacement therapy through health services. Civilian employees and family members will need to access their personal medical plans for this service.

You can request to start this program at ANY TIME. Just send us an email and let us know you want to know more!