Respect in the CAF

Respect in the CAF (RitCAF)

Originating from strategies outlined in Operation Honour, the Respect in the CAF workshop is a curriculum for use in the Canadian Armed Forces. This interactive curriculum is intended to promote respect in the CAF through awareness and understanding, to empower CAF membres to take a stand against sexual misconduct, and to support victims. This workshop is designed to foster a sustained change in attitudes and behaviours in order to build a respectful climate and culture within the CAF.

This workshop will include discussion on:
  • The nature and magnitude of sexual misconduct in the CAF;
  • The Continuum of Sexual Misconduct;
  • Examining your personal beliefs and attitudes;
  • Understanding your role in responding to and preventing sexual misconduct in the workplace;
  • Implementing strategies to prevent and reduce sexual misconduct in the workplace; and
  • Understanding victim support considerations.
The Respect in the CAF workshop uses a range of teaching and learning processes, including presentation of key information, interactive and participatory exercises, scenario discussion and handouts provided during and after the workshop to reinforce learning.

HRMS code is provided upon workshop completion.

Workshop Eligibility

This workshop is open to CAF members only. If space permits, DND civilian employees may be eligible for registration based on facilitator discretion.

This course is offered in two formats:
  • General (Avr to Sgt, Equivalent)
  • Supervisor (Sgt and Above, Officers, Equivalent)