InBody Appointment

InBody Appointment


The InBody 570 is a body composition analysis test provided free of charge to the Defence Team, including military and civilian personnel and spouses/dependents aged 18+. The test only takes a few minutes and will let you know the amount of muscle mass, body fat and water that your body is composed of. We will go over the results in detail after the scan is complete. Testing appointment is 15 minutes.

Appointments are typically made between 0800-1600hrs; however, appointments can be booked outside of these hours, dependent on availability of InBody facilitators. Drop-ins are not permitted as protocol must be followed prior to testing. If protocol is not followed, the test must be rescheduled as the results would be skewed. Protocol will be sent to the individual with the appointment confirmation.

To book an InBody test, fill out the form below or contact the Health Promotion Dept. directly at

InBody appointments are currently available for military members only.
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