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Create a Recreation Club at 4 Wing Cold Lake

The Canadian Forces Recreation Program supports the important principle that an individual should be allowed to choose his/her leisure activities and be afforded the opportunity to participate in the planning, organization and operation of these activities. Contact your local PSP Recreation Office to arrange a meeting to discuss the creation of a new recreation club or activity.

To start your journey, get familiar with your best resources, the A-PS-110-001/AG-002 at the National website and Chapter 6-2 of the PSP Policy Manual.

Please review these resource documents as they will govern the operation of your club.

Starting a Club is a very detailed process that entails many steps and can take up to 8 months to complete.  Your patience and enthusiasm are as important as your skills and talent in ensuring the project reaches completion in a time efficient manner. 

The PSP Recreation Staff are available to provide guidance and support with knowledge and experience on everything from budgets and finances to volunteers and facilities. Prior to arranging a meeting consider the following key points:
  • what are the costs to run the club, how will this be funded; 
  • provide detail on all associated costs; equipment, infrastructure etc;
  • are there similar clubs in the area; 
  • will there be an instructional aspect to the clubs activities;
  • will the club be part of a larger organization;
  • are volunteers or staff required for the operation of the clubs activities;
  • where is the best place to run the club; do you require access to a facility;
  • how is the CF policy on ratios going to be applied;
  • is this a “high risk” activity and what are the policies regarding this; and 
  • last step, consider the work involved in creating By-Laws, Safety procedures and forming a Club Executive.
These and other questions will require comprehensive answers so the more prepared you are the better chance your club will have in providing a great experience for the CF Community. For detailed guidance on creating a 4 Wing Recreation Club please contact the Community Recreation Manager at 780-840-8000 extension 8192. This is a complex process; one that needs to be carefully planned if the club is to succeed in the long term.

Together you can work towards developing a viable club that will serve the needs of your community for the years to come.

The possibilities are endless...

See the Club Checklist for key things you need to get started.

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