Criteria for 4 Wing MFRCS Child Care Full-time

Priority will be given to families in the following order:

  • 4 Wing MFRCS Staff
  • Siblings of current children attending child care
  • Alumni-
    • Siblings of children that have graduated into Kindergarten from the 4 Wing MFRCS Daycare
    • Families who had their children in full-time child care at 4 Wing MFRCS and have removed their child(ren) during maternity leave  
  • New families to Cold Lake – applicants must provide proof of current address and previous address outside the Cold Lake area
  • First Time Parents – the child must be the first child of at least one of the parents
  • Returning to work from unemployment - proof that parent returning to work has been unemployed for a least three (3) months. Maternity leave is not considered unemployment.
  • Infants must be at least 12 months old to attend Day Care
  • Spaces will be filled according to:
  • the above priorities
  • the age group where a space is available
  • date needed
  • application date  

Although you may meet one of the above criteria, that does not mean that a space is confirmed for your child. When a space is coming open, the priorities above will determine whether or not you are notified that a space is coming available.

The wait list will be sorted into three age groups:

  • 12 - 19 months
  • 19 - 36 months
  • 36 + months

We will work to move children to accommodate the next child on the waiting list. This is not always possible as some room capacities for some ages may be at capacity.

Families will be notified about 30 days prior to their requested date as to whether or not there will be a space available.

If your child is under 12 months of age, a notification date of a space open will only be given for spaces that are available after your child has reached 12 months. This may be flexible during the summer when the age groups move to the next age room leaving space in the infant room.   

When families are contacted about a space opening for their child, through email or phone message, they will have until the end of the next business day to respond.  They will need to contact the Program Manager to confirm they want the space. A message will be left for families with the exact time and date they have to respond by. If families do not confirm by the end of the next business day, the Program Manager will move onto the next family on the list. If we do not hear from the family within five (5) business days that they would like to remain on the waiting list, they will be removed completely.

After providing two notifications that a space is available, and neither are accepted they will be removed from the waiting list.

Although families may wish to start their child later than the date offered, parents will be required to begin payment for the date the space is available, at the beginning of the month. If your request date is within 90 days of a when a space becomes open, you will have an opportunity to secure the space, which will mean that you will be required to pay regardless of whether your child attends.

Families can change their requested date for a space by email, to the Program Manager, prior to a notification of a space being available. This will not change your place on the waiting list.

Parents need to understand that if your requested date for a space is within 90 days and you are notified and you do not accept the space, it will count as a non-confirmation. After the second non-confirmation, you will lose your place on the waiting list and will have to re-apply.