Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care

The MFRCS can help Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families who qualify, with unexpected and unique child care challenges by supporting with the facilitation of their short-term emergency child care requirements.

Military families are encouraged to have a Family Care Plan (FCP); however, families may sometimes face situations where conditions of service in the CAF prove too challenging for the FCP to accommodate; when this happens additional child care support may be available.

The MFRCS may subsidize a family’s child care request through direct child care services, expense reimbursement or through the coordination of independent child care services on a short-term basis. 

A military family may be eligible for subsidized child care, or in special circumstances, reimbursement for child care expenses.

How to Access

Weeksdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm call the MFRCS Front Reception at 780-594-6006 and indicate that you are calling for Emergency Child Care. 

Weeknights, weekends, and holidays call the base line at 780-840-8000, enter extension 8595 and ask to speak with the Padre on duty.