Mary Poppins Pre-School

Mary Poppins Pre-School

Please note: Mary Poppins Pre-School offers continuous intake throughout the school year, provided spaces are available.

3 Year Old Program: 
Tuesday & Thursday (9:30AM-11:30AM) - $110/Month 

4 Year Old Program:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9:30AM-11:30AM) - $130.00/Month
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (12:30PM-3:30PM) - $130.00/Month 

Our goal at Mary Poppins Pre-School is to provide a quality program that strives to embrace the individual needs of children, so that each child may realize his or her growth and development potential. The daily program incorporates activities that encourage the physical, intellectual, creative, social and emotional development of each child. 

The basis of our curriculum is cognitively oriented. The children are provided a rich array of materials and activities from which to choose. By allowing children to plan, work and evaluate and by providing experiences that stimulate the child's thinking processes, language and social development, we create an environment that is conducive to self-initiated learning and discovery. 

Weekly Schedule:

Throughout each week, the children participate in activities within their own classrooms. Each day roll call is followed by discussion (calendar, weather, feelings etc), free play, planned activities, snacks and circle time. Some of the activities in each room are as follows:

Art: Child directed activities, sandbox/water play, art projects (cutting, gluing, painting markers), developing skills (tracing, rubbing, colouring, manipulating materials), carpet activities, quiet corner. 

Pre-Academic: Lessons table, math table (memory games, puzzles, shapes, etc.), writing table (dot-to-dot, mazes etc), reading corner (tape players, headphones, books)

Music and Movement: Gym (obstacle course, exercises, games), music (dancing, theme songs, dramatization), structured play (blocks, life skills, etc.) 

Field trips and community helper visits are planned according to the weather and weekly theme. 

Our 4 year old program is a structured environment, preparing the child for kindergarten readiness. Through teacher-directed and child-directed activities, the child becomes better prepared for school years ahead. 

Our 3 year old program is more social than instructional. The children are exposed to basic arts, puzzles and games. 

By stressing socialization, we develop their ability to play with peers, share toys and games, participate in group activities, developing their independence and the break from home. 

Our schedule is flexible, but as consistent as possible for the children's benefit. During the year we take the opportunity to incorporate some large group activities such as films, field trips and special events. 

For additional information call 780-594-6006 Ext. 222.

Bilingual program.