PSP Summer Camp

PSP Summer Camp

PSP Summer Camp 2021

PSP Summer Camp - June 28 - August 27, 2021

PSP Summer Camp is a structured school aged program, with time for free play, outdoor/indoor active play, art, science and so much more. 

This year, summer camp will be held at the Mackenzie Arts & Community Centre, running all summer long! Registration opens on Book King, Monday, 3 May, 2021
$150/week for Military and DND.


Summer Camp Registration Form


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I understand that PSP will only allow persons listed as authorized to pick-up my child/participant:

Person(s) listed below as authorized are individuals other than parent/guardian, as listed above, that may pick-up on your behalf.
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Does your child/participant have any social profiles or personality traits we should be aware of:

To help us provide the best experience for your child/participant, we ask you to disclose any social profiles or personality traits you feel would be helpful to know.
I grant permission for my child/participant to participate in all the days activities:

I grant permission for PSP Staff to take my child/participant offsite for program related activities (i.e. fieldtrips):

I understand and acknowledge that PSP Staff may transport my child/participant to and from program activities by foot, public transit, charter school bus, or through Wing Transport. I understand I will be made aware of automobile transportation for program events prior to:

I grant permission for PSP to obtain emergency medical care for my child/participant, should it be needed:

I grant permission for PSP to contact a physician and carryout any instructions, should it be needed:

I grant permission for PSP to transport my child/participant to a hospital, if needed. I understand that this may be by ambulance.:

I understand that medical care and/or transportation may be done prior to contacting me, dependent on the severity and required treatment.:

I understand that it is my responsibility, or that of the person I have designated on this form, to sign my child in and out of the PSP program.:

I grant permission for my child/participant to be photographed and/or videotaped by PSP. I understand that these photos/videos may be used for promotional material and that I will not be granted the right to proof materials before use.:

I understand that PSP holds the rights to cancel this program:

I understand and accept that my child/participant may be removed from this program should he/she not follow the rules for acceptable behaviour:

I agree to idemnify and hold harmless PSP and DND of any liability relative to activities associated with this program: