RV Compound FAQs

4 Wing RV Compound Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the common questions that 4 Wing RV Compound users have while utilizing the RV Compound service. 

If you have any further questions/concerns, please contact our staff at the Col J.J. Parr Welcome Desk at 780-840-8000 ext. 7823.

During the temporary closure of the Col J.J. Parr Sports Center, please email our Recreation Supervisor Laura da Rosa at daRosa.Laura@cfmws.com.

Signing up: Who can get a secure a site at the 4 Wing RV Storage Compound?
● Regular members (Currently serving Military members, Reserve Force, and Foreign Fighters), Ordinary members (DND employees, NPF, PSP, Staff of MFRC’s, DCC, RCMP, and Honorary Colonels), and Veterans. 
● Click here to submit your request and a PSP staff member will be in touch with you shortly. 
What do I need to provide PSP to obtain a site at the RV Storage Compound?
● Name, address, phone number(s), service number, current valid insurance certificate, vehicle registration, name and number of an emergency contact, and the size of your vehicle. 

What size vehicle can I store in the Compound?
● North Compound is for trailers 26 feet and under.
● South Compound is anything over 26 feet. 
What type of vehicle am I permitted to store at the 4 Wing RV Compound?
● Trailers, RVs, boats, and ATVs can be stored at the RV Compound.
● All vehicles must be in good working condition.  
I have more than one vehicle. Am I able to secure more than one site?
● If space permits, yes. All members are eligible to obtain 2 sites.
Fees: Is there a cost for the site?
● Yes. RV Compound memberships run from April 1 to March 31 of each year. The fees are as follows:
      ○ North Compound: $180 per site per year 
      ○ South Compound: $240 per site per year 
● Members in pull through sites at the North Compound will need to pay the applicable fee for each site.
● All members are required to pay a $50 security deposit per site.
● Fees will be prorated for new members based on when they sign up.
● Members will receive a prorated refund when they withdraw their vehicle.
● Memberships must be renewed and paid in full prior to the set deadline. PSP reserves the right to revoke your access to the 4 Wing RV Compound until a payment has been made.
When is the security deposit refunded?
● Your security deposit will be refunded if/when you would like to withdraw from the 4 Wing RV Compound. Here’s how:
      Step 1: Complete the online RV Compound Withdrawal request form on CAF 
            Connection (click here to access the form)
      ○ Step 2: Take a picture of your site to confirm that it has been cleared
      ○ Step 3: Take a picture of your Community Card to confirm that it has been cut in half
            and can no longer be used
      ○ Step 4: Once you are contacted by PSP to confirm that they have received your
            request for withdrawal, he/she will request that you email the pictures requested in
            Step 2 and 3
      ○ Once PSP has all the necessary information, a refund request will be processed 
Insurance: Why do I require a letter from my insurance company if my vehicle is under my homeowner’s policy?
● If your vehicle is covered through your homeowner’s insurance policy, it may only be covered while it is stored at your residence, not in the 4 Wing RV Compound. This policy is in place to protect you in the event that your vehicle is damaged or broken into. 4 Wing cannot be held accountable or liable for any loss or damage to your vehicle and its contents.

When do I submit my proof of insurance?
● Annually, when your membership is renewed (in April of each year), you will need to provide us with a copy of your vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
● PSP must maintain a valid insurance certificate on file at all times. Therefore, please ensure you provide us with a revised insurance certificate upon renewal of your insurance policy
Access: How do I access my site?
● In order to obtain a key for the RV Compound, please visit the Col J.J. Parr Sports Center Welcome Desk during regular operating hours. For after hour access or during temporary closures of the Col J.J. Parr Sports Center, please visit the Military Police (MP) detachment.
● In order to obtain a key, you will be required to present your DND ID.
● Keys MUST be returned promptly. Members are not permitted to take keys outside base property.
Can my friend sign out the key for the RV Compound on my behalf?
● Unfortunately, no. Only the member and their spouse (IF they are listed on the membership) may sign out a key to the RV Compound. This measure is in place to prevent unauthorized access to the RV Compound thus protecting the property of all users. 
What do I do if someone is parked in my spot?
● Visit the Col J.J. Parr Sports Center Welcome Desk and the staff will resolve the matter. Please provide the plate number of the vehicle that is parked in your site, if possible.
● You may also email the Recreation Supervisor at DaRosa.Laura@cfmws.com.
Is the RV Compound plowed during the winter?  Do I have access to my trailer all year?
● The RV Compound is not plowed during the winter.
● You are able to access your vehicle year round. 
For how long can I maintain my RV Compound membership?
● Your membership is valid for as long as you are posted to Cold Lake by the Canadian Armed Forces. Please note that you will be required to renew your membership yearly in April and pay an annually fee.
Is the 4 Wing RV Compound secure?
● The RV Compound is gated and locked and the MPs patrol the area regularly. However, it is not monitored at all times. It is the responsibility of individual members to ensure their vehicle is secured and that they hold valid insurance coverage to protect them against damage and theft. 

Effective April 1, 2021