Sports Stores


Sports Stores

Sports Stores Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday from 9am-4pm, Fridays are by appointment only.
Equipment Rentals:
Request equipment with Sports Stores @ 780-840-8000 ext 8193 or with the Sports Stores Technician Megan.Garrett@forces.gc.ca
Please note that all rentals are free but we work on a deposit system requiring the renter to leave a $50.00, fully refundable deposit (some exceptions may apply).

Summer equipment rentals include fishing kits, bicycles, golf clubs, kayaks (both sit-on and sit-in), canoes, and stand-up paddle boards. We also provide life jackets, paddles, emergency kits, bike helmets, and bike locks for certain rentals.

Winter equipment rentals include Ice fishing gear (tents, augers, fishing kits, seats, ice scoops, fishing poles, heaters, etc.), Cross-Country skiing equipment (skis, poles, boots), and Snow Shoes.
Sports Stores does not reserve equipment months/weeks in advance, equipment rentals are on a first come, first served policy. To reserve equipment please contact Sports Stores a week or a few days in advance to the rental period you want.
To reserve equipment:

  • Only Active CAF members, Veterans, and DND staff can rent equipment and need to present PLCC CARD or Mil ID at pick-up (Military spouses, partners, or dependents are allowed to drop-off equipment but cannot sign-out rentals)
  • The rental is for 5 days maximum or otherwise specified.
  • $50 deposit/unit is required for all rentals and must be in cash or cheque ONLY.
  • Roof racks and tie-down straps must be brought yourself to secure boating vessels to your vehicle.
  • $10 late fee and damage fees may be charged against initial deposit.

For inquiries of equipment rentals for specific sports, please contact Sports Store directly. Please see our list of available equipment here

Additional requirements are listed in the document below.
Bicycle Equipment Waiver 

Canoe and Kayak Waiver

Fishing Equipment Waiver

Golf Equipment Waiver

Nautical Equipment Waiver

Winter Activities Waiver

Ski & Snow Shoe Sign Out