Competitive Division

Complete the online registration below. Ensure that you have read and understood the waiver, and reviewed all other pertinent documents provided below, such as the bike safety document and videos. Once registered, head over to the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre Front Kiosk to pick up your racing bib, which will be required if you want to increase your chances of winning a prize. There are only a limited supply of racing bibs so you don’t want to wait to get yours! (Since bibs are limited, familiy members can share the same bib) Refer to the “tracking” section for more information on how to use your bib. Front Kiosk hours of operation are currently Monday - Friday, 9 am - 3 pm.

The challenge is expected to start 6 JUL 2020 and end 30 AUG 2020.

A bike and a run route will be released every Saturday at 1400hrs on this site and on our three social media platforms: 4WINGCONNECTION on Facebook, 4winghealthpromotion & 4wingrecreation on Instagram. Use one of these four sites to see the routes. You will have from Monday at 0001hrs to Sunday 1159hrs inclusive to complete the route(s). This challenge, also referred to as #4for4wing will have you racing four runs, and/or four rides over the eight weeks. Weeks 1-4 will repeat in weeks 5-8 so you will have two chances to get the best time possible. Additionally, if you wanted to race both the runs and the rides, you can run for four weeks and then ride for four weeks.

We will track your results on Strava. This application is free and easy to use. Simply download it on your computer or smart phone and create a profile. If you have a GPS watch, you will want to sync it to your Strava account so that your activities are automatically uploaded from your watch to your Strava account. Before you go on your run or your ride, you will need to either activate your smart watch or use the app on your smartphone. If you are using your smartphone, you will need to turn on the GPS location and data. The route will be pre-set on Strava. To ensure the GPS catches the entire route, we recommend you start your GPS before the start and that you finish your GPS after the end. When compiling the results, we will only take into consideration how fast it took you to complete the route.

Make sure you take a picture of yourself (and of your bib if possible) at the start or end of your route. Post the picture on social media using the hashtag #4for4wing in the caption and be sure to tag our social media platforms: @4WINGCONNECTION if you are posting of Facebook, and/or @4winghealthpromotion and @4wingrecreation if you are posting on Instagram. Including the bib in your photo will give you an extra entry in the weekly draws! 

Injury Prevention
We recommend that you only attempt one route, at maximal effort, once a week. Therefore, we do not recommend repeat attempts to better your score in the same week, and we do not recommend racing both the bike and the run in the same week. Ensure that you include a good warm up and cool down before and after your race.

Some routes may require you to cross the road. Even though you are trying to get the best time possible, you are required to follow the rules of the road. When running, you must stop at a crosswalk and only cross when safe to do so. When biking, you must act like a vehicle and respect the rules of the road including, but not limited to, signs, right of ways, and street lights. Please refer to the bike safety document and videos for more information.

We recommend that you are well hydrated and nourished prior to completing any of the routes. For all routes, we recommend you bring water, and for any routes that you expect will take longer than one hour to complete, consider also bringing at least 30g of carbohydrates and 750mL of water per hour of exercise. For more information on how to fuel your body for sports and exercise, consider reaching out to your PSP staff or a Certified Sports Dietitian. You will also want to bring a fully charged cell phone, a bike repair kit (if biking - see bike safety document and videos for more information) and a first aid kit.

Dress for the weather and avoid going on any routes during inclement weather including but not limited to: hail, freezing rain, thunder/lightening, and heavy winds.

Thanks to our sponsor BMO Financial, we are able to give out $4000 in total prizes. $2200 worth of prizes is reserved for the competitive division and any unclaimed prizes will be awarded via random draw for participants of the recreational division. Prizes for the competitive division will be awarded as follows:
  1. Two weekly $25 gift cards will be awarded via random draw to all participants
  2. Eighteen $100 gift cards will be awarded as grand prizes for the top male and female runners, bikers and combined run/bike in the following categories:
    1. <34 years
    2. 35-54 years
    3. >55 years
  3. For the run category, we will add all of your four best runs to give you a total time. The fastest cumulative time over all four runs wins;
  4. For the bike category, we will add all of your four best rides to give you a total time. The fastest cumulative time over all four rides wins;
  5. For the run/bike category, we will add all of your eight best times to give you a total time. The fastest cumulative time over all four runs and over all four rides wins.
Awarding Prizes
The online registration requires you to share your Instagram and/or Facebook handle. We will use this as our primary means of communication so it is extremely important that you share one, or both of these accounts with us. If you are randomly selected as one of two winners of the weekly draw, we will reach out to you on social media. We will use your picture to announce you as the weekly prize winner.  You will be able to pick up your prize at the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre front kiosk. We have limited gift cards from various vendors which will be given out as a first come first served basis. Therefore, you will want to head over to the Col J.J. Parr Sports Centre as soon as you are announced as the weekly winner. We will require appropriate ID as proof that you are a Defence Team member. If you cannot provide  ID, you will be disqualified from the prize and we will re-draw for that week. Grand prizes will be announced in September in the same way, or in a ceremony if we are allowed to host large gatherings.
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