Second Language Training

Second Language Training

Course sessions: Winter - January to March; Spring - April to June; Fall - September to December.

Second Language Training

If you are a military family member posted where the community’s primary language is unfamiliar to you, Second Language Training (SLT) services are designed to help you integrate into your new surroundings.

The SLT program gives you the opportunity to enhance your life skills and improve your resume while increasing your language proficiency in your second language. MFRCs offer Second Language Training as part of their mandate to deliver the Military Family Services Program.  Our approach is to design a program that is standardized across all points of access so that families can have the same experience, irrespective of where they are posted.

Training options include working independently online, or attending an SLT class-based program facilitated by your closest Military Family Resource Centre. The Second Language Training Program is comprised of, but not limited to, the following program components:
  • Language Courses – "Pour l’amour du français" (French training program) and "For the love of English" (English training program) offer learners a flexible combination of self-guided online learning and in-class tutoring sessions. With an online curriculum with 16 separate modules, which are mapped into the Government of Canada (A, B and C) linguistic levels, you don't have to worry about missing a class. 
  • Rosetta Stone – Family members can obtain a license from their local MFRC to access the self-directed online Rosetta Stone program. This online training allows users to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. To inquire into Rosetta Stone access, please call 250-339-8290 or email
  • *NEW in January 2020!* Conversation Club – Can't attend a class? Join our Conversation Club to meet other learners and practice your skills. 
  • Second Language Training Resouce Lending Library – *Coming soon!*

Registration is available to the following, ordered according to priority: 
  1. Military spouses/partners/dependants 14+ yrs
  2. CAF Regular & Reserve Force personnel
  3. DND civilian, NPF and MFRC personnel
  4. Civilians

Registration Fees:
$50 – Military spouses/partners/dependants 14+ yrs
$80 – Canadian Armed Forces personnel (Regular & Reserve); DND civilian, NPF and MFRC personnel (non-reimbursable)
$150 – Civilians (non-reimbursable)

Childcare Services:
Childcare may be available. Please register early as spaces are limited. Call 250-339-8290 for more information.

Book a placement test with the SLT Coordinator to determine your level. Learners will require access to a computer for the self-guided online learning component.

Interested in Second Language Training? Fill out the form below and our Second Language Training Coordinator will be in touch with you. 

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For more information about Second Language Training classes, please call 250-339-8290 local 6656 or email