Arriving at your posting location and connecting with the community

MFS(E) is here to support families through transitions from one community to another.  We want families to be aware of and comfortable accessing local and Europe-wide programs and  services.

Once you have arrived at your new location, there are a number of resources available to help you familiarize yourself with your new community.

Please contact your local MFS(E) representatives to receive information about upcoming welcome events, coffee mornings, community tours, product information sessions, play groups and workshops.

Family members can register for second language training to learn the predominant official language of your new community.

Unlike MFRC’s in Canada, MFS(E) does not provide any on-site daycare facilities. If you are a family with children, MFS(E) can provide you with a list of local childcare providers.  If you are a family with four legged dependants, MFS(E) can provide you with a list of local veterinary and boarding facilities.

Consider joining our virtual community to access our virtual programs and connect with other families posted throughout Europe.