Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment


To ensure that the Military Family Service Program (MFSP) is meeting the needs of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) families, and to provide CAF families with opportunities to provide input into the programs and services provided, Military Family Services (MFS) requires that all MFRC's in Canada and MFS Centres OUTCAN conduct a Community Needs Assessment (CNA)survey at least once every 3 years.

The most recent European CNA was conducted in October 2015.  It was distributed to all CAF families, sponsored employee families, Canadian Diplomatic Attachés and CDA Assistants and Military Police families. The results of the survey were used as the basis for the 2016-17 MFS(E) work plan, developed in collaboration with the European Advisory Committee.
To see the full report, click on the link below:

2015 Community Needs Assessment (Full Report)
Annex A - Survey Questions
Annex B - Survery Questions (Graph)
Annex C - Survey Question Comments
Annex D - MFS Results Belgium
Annex E - MFS Results Germany & The Netherlands
Annex F - MFS Results Italy
Annex G - MFS Results Remote Personnel
Annex H - MFS Results United Kingdom
Annex I - MFS Results Country Variances
Annex J - Chain of Command Survey
Annex K - PSP Results Brunssum
Annex L - PSP Results Brussels
Annex M - PSP Results Neiderheid
Annex N - PSP Results Naples
Annex O - PSP Results Non Unit Fund Members
Annex P - PSP Results Ramstein
Annex Q - PSP Results SHAPE
Annex R - PSP Results United Kingdom