Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision


Our Mission & Vision

Military Family Services Europe

Military Family Services Europe MFS(E) is here to:
  • Welcome, orient and support you in your transition from one community to another by helping with community orientation tours, host language training, and provision of welcome and information packages.
  • Help you identify child care options and develop an emergency childcare plan.
  • Provide opportunities for you to establish support networks.
  • Ensure that you are aware of and supported through the challenges you may encounter before, during and after periods of Canadian Armed Forces member work-related absences.

What is different from MFRC's in Canada?

Director of Military Family Services funds MFRCs who are Canadian incorporated, non-profit organizations, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  MFRCs have the ability to enhance services to military families through various strategies such as fundraising, provincially licensing day cares and partnering with local government departments.  Out of country, both in Europe and the United States, this set up is not legally possible which is why MFS delivers mandated services directly to military families.


Our Vision​

Confident, capable and resilient families in a supportive Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Community in Europe.


  • ​Acknowledges the unique nature of family and community life within the CAF and Europe.
  • Respects the inherent strengths of CAF families.
  • Embraces inclusion, diversity and community participation.


  • To help families of CAF members manage the stresses associated with the unique characteristics of the military lifestyle.​
  • To enhance the quality of life in CAF communities by supporting personal, family and community development.
  • To foster the active and meaningful participation of CAF families - and in particular, civilian spouses of CAF members - in the development, delivery and evaluation of military family services.
  • To contribute to the operational effectiveness of the CAF by strengthening CAF families and resilience.