Confidentiality and anonymity are critical to the way we gather feedback from military families on MyVoice. Here is a breakdown of the various ways to submit your feedback:
Feedback Method Contact Info Confidentiality
Facebook Closed Group #MyVoice Closed group, but not confidential nor anonymous
Email  Confidential and anonymous
Virtual Sessions Offered 4x per year Confidential and anonymous
Family Information Line 1-800-866-4546 Confidential and anonymous

Note that all forms of communication on MyVoice are confidential and anonymous, with the exception of Facebook. While the MyVoice Facebook Group is a Closed Group and thus restricts membership, Facebook Groups are not by nature a confidential forum. We have therefore pinned a note on Facebook Group, noting that if a Group Member has a confidential topic to discuss, they should use another point of contact, such as the Family Information Line (FIL).