Status Update

Status Update


Status Updates Summary and Status of Family Feedback

 Tangible Impact Sheet 1: See what a difference your feedback on MyVoice has made.

 Tangible Impact Sheet 2: MyVoice feedback makes a difference in the lives of military families.

Summary of Family Feedback by Theme

caregiving.jpgCaregiving Financial.jpgFinancial
CaseManagement.jpgCase Management / Transition Support Healthcare.jpgHealthcare
Communications.jpgCommunications  Housing.jpgHousing
CommunityIntegration.jpgCommunity Integration MentalHealth.jpgMental Health
Education.jpgEducation Partnerships.jpgPartnerships
Employment.jpgEmployment Relocation.jpgRelocation
FamilyPanel-(1).jpgFamily Panel ServiceDelivery-(1).jpgService Delivery / Policy / Programming Suggestions
FamilySeparation.jpgFamily Separation SpecialNeeds-(2).jpgSpecial Needs


Changes to the process based upon your feedback.