FORCE Preparatory Fitness Program


FORCE Preparatory Fitness Program

PSP will be offering an in person FORCE Preparatory Fitness Program as of 12 JUL 2021. Members may join anytime starting on a Monday. This program is designed to assist members who are:
  • Nervous and have a goal of meeting the minimum standard, and
  • Striving for excellence with a goal of acheiving a specific incentive level.

To sign up, please complete the following document and send to

FORCE Prep Registration Form

Please note that only members who have previously failed the FORCE test are required to complete the "Supervisor Commitment" in order to participate in this program. However, all members are encouraged to request CoC approval prior to signing up as the program falls within regular working hours. To assist you in receiving support from your CoC, you may present your supervisor with the following document which explains the program, or reach out to Gabriel at ext 205 to discuss.

FORCE Prep Information Sheet