PSP Services

The PSP Coordinator enhances the Morale and Welfare of the Ramstein Canadian Community. He/she is responsible for the efficient day-to-day management of the Ramstein PSP Operations as well as the Ramstein Community Unit Fund/Canada Club budgets, in accordance with the constitutions and SCO guidance.

Group travel: The PSP Coordinator works to meet the needs of the Canadian Community members by planning, organizing and promoting a variety of trips all around Europe. He/she is responsible for the research, planning and booking of these group trips. These events are voted by the Unit membership and organized by the PSP office. (e.g., Battlefield trip, “Remembrance Day” trip, Welcome/Farewell trip, etc.)
Day trip:  The PSP coordinator is also responsible for organizing a variety of day trips throughout the year, depending on the type of activity, planning may include community excursions  (e.g., Christmas market, Medieval dinner, Battlefield sites, World hockey championship, etc.).
Activities: The PSP coordinator is also responsible for organizing a variety of activities throughout the year (e.g., Spouses dinner, Christmas dinner, TGITs and other).


Each family posted to Ramstein is entitled to claim funds through the Ramstein Unit Fund’s Cultural Enhancement program. Examples of allowable claims include: sports fees, music lessons, swim passes, golf memberships, admission tickets, tour tickets, ADAC membership and travel insurance (like CAA) and babysitting services.


On the Canada Club/Mess side, the PSP Coordinator acts as a bookkeeper / administrator of the budget, processing claims for reimbursement and occasionally making purchases as instructed by the Mess.
The Mess Committee hosts a monthly TGIT at the Canada Club. Military members are required to pay the PSP Coordinator mess dues along with gift and comfort fees.
The PSP Coordinator works in collaboration with the PMC, Vice PMC and the Bar Officer.  

Located at the CAN NSE Ramstein, you can sign out, at the PSP office, a sewing machine, sets of golf clubs, tools, a power washer, GPS, DVDs, books and many more items.
Heather Gautron
PSP Coordinator, Ramstein
Tel: +49 (0) 6371-598512