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The Riga Canadian Community Fund (RCCF), PSP Riga, is managed by a committee and administered locally by the PSP Coordinator Riga.  The RCCF Committee is comprised of community volunteers, promoting morale and welfare opportunities for friendship, community fellowship and enhancement of the Latvian experience.  The RCCF Committee is assisted by the PSP Coordinator providing guidance on PSP policies and NPP procedures and budget management.
All Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and their dependants posted to the Riga region, and Department of National Defence (DND) sponsored civilians and their dependants, are members of the RCCF and as such can participate in RCCF events, trips and activities.
Note: Dependant child is defined as being less than 21 years of age and residing full time at post.
Group Tours and Travel: PSP Coordinator Riga organizes a variety of RCCF subsidized trips throughout the year.  These trips offer a balance of short, medium and long duration excursions, catering to the widest cross-section of our community as possible.  
Recreation:  PSP Riga offers recreation activities providing individuals, families and communities with leisure experiences and opportunities for personal growth and improved health.
Social Events: The RCCF organizes social events throughout the year promoting community fellowship.  Many of these events are subsidized by the RCCF. 

Cultural Enhancement Fund (CEF): The RCCF provides for its members’ participation in a broad range of cultural, recreational and sporting activities subsidized through the CEF.  The amount of funding provided is determined in the RCCF annual budget.
Bicycles: PSP Riga has various size adult bikes that can be signed out for a short period of time.  Have friends and family coming for a visit or need a bike for the weekend? Come sign one out.
Lending Library: Come and visit the PSP Office and checkout the lending library.  It’s perfect for the do it yourselfer.
Contact Info:

Linda Narozanski
PSP Coordinator

+371 670 73217