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The primary function of the PSP Coordinator Riga is to enhance the morale and welfare of the Riga Canadian Community.

The PSP Coordinator assists the RCCF Committee with planning and delivery of programs and events promoting opportunities for friendship, community fellowship and enhancement of the Latvian experience. All Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and their dependants posted to the Riga region, and Department of National Defence (DND) sponsored civilians and their dependants, are members of the RCCF and as such can participate in RCCF events, trips and activities.


  • Group Tours and Travel: The PSP Coordinator Riga organizes a variety of RCCF subsidized trips throughout the year. These trips offer a balance of short, medium and long duration excursions, catering to the widest cross-section of our community as possible.
  • Recreation: PSP Riga, along with the RCCF, offer subsidized recreation activities providing individuals, families and communities with leisure experiences and opportunities for personal growth and improved health.
  • Social Events: The RCCF and PSP Riga organize social events throughout the year promoting community fellowship. Many of these events are subsidized by the RCCF. Outdoor Recreation.
  • Equipment: Planning a day at the beach? Come and visit the PSP Office and borrow an outdoor recreation game. Bocce ball, ladder golf, giant jenga, croquet etc.
  • Sports and Fitness Equipment: The PSP Coordinator manages a small amount of sports and fitness equipment that can be signed out for unit PT or on an individual basis by CAF members for a short term period. Equipment such as street hockey gear, floor hockey gear, volleyballs, basketballs, soccer gear, speed ropes, kettle bells, slam balls etc.
  • Duty Free: The PSP Coordinator arranges a duty free shipment twice a year for your convenience and to assist with funding for the RCCF. Wine, champagne, scotch, maple syrup…it literally pays to participate in the duty free order.
  • FORCE Program: Canadian Armed Forces personnel are required to meet physical fitness standards every year. It is extremely important not to let your FORCE status expire! Contact the PSP Coordinator for more information.

Contact Info:
Amélie Piquette
PSP Coordinator Riga
+371 675 56217