Vienna, a World heritage Site, is the largest city in Austria.  Here is a map of the region. 
Vienna is home to more than a million and a half people.   This city map is customizable to show you the location of things like doctors and dentists, pharmacies, parking, schools, art and leisure facilities etc. will give you very useful information on topics like living and working in Vienna, transportation, culture and history.  Childcare information can be found in the health and social services section, as can a map showing the location of hospitals. 


From shopping streets and pedestrian zones, to markets and shopping centres, Vienna has everything for the savvy shopper.  Here are just a few of the special things you will find:  

Dining and Entertainment

With fabulous restaurants and entertainment, there need never be a dull moment in Vienna.  Take a look at some of the possibilities:  

Host Nation Language Training

If you don't speak the local language, don't worry!  MFS(E) will provide you with a phrase book in your welcome bag to get you started with some useful words and phrases.  You can also sign up for a free Rosetta Stone onlien learning course. Please e-mail our Virtual Programs Coordinator to sign up. 

There are many language schools in Vienna where you can study German. Please contact your Community Services Provider to learn about what costs can be reimbursed. 

While you're learning, If you need a quick translation of a word or phrase, try BableFish or Google translate

Centre for Intercultural Learning

The Centre for Intercultural Learning is an indispensable resource which will give you extensive information on culturally appropriate behaviour across a wide variety of personal and professional situations. You will also find information on the history, geography, economy and politics for virtually every country in the world. Click here for information about Austria