Shops and services

Long considered the bastion of fashion and class, the city of Paris is truly a shopper's paradise. From haute couture to mainstream department stores, from flea markets to specialty boutiques, Paris has it all -- and then some. Local market places include Rue Levis, Montorgueuil and Rue du Commerce. The Boulevard Haussman houses many of the larger department stores. If you're not yet familiar with the city, take a look at this district map before you head out. And, while the city is certainly compact enough to navigate on foot, you might want to give the Métro a try. It's too easy!

If you're looking for a specific business or service, try one of these France telephone books or the France Yellow Pages (in English).

Medical and dental

The quality of healthcare in Paris is good and there are many modern facilities to choose from -- many with English-speaking practitioners. You can use the Pages Medicales to search for any discipline of medical practitioner in any part of France, or try these directories:

Regardless of your location, Canadian Forces doctors will consult with you or your local doctor on request. If you have concerns about your medical care or just need reassurance about the care you are receiving, please contact one of the CF healthcare professionals.

Schools and child care

There are many educational options available for Canadian children in Paris. Keep in mind that French schools are more regimented than North American schools and standardized testing is a fundamental part of the French education system.

The Children's Education Management website deals with the education and related care of DND dependent students both inside and outside of Canada, providing a list of world education sites and links to the Canadian Forces International Schools. The site also provides information on screening procedures and guidelines, education allowances, education compatibility and language instruction.

Host Language training

If you don’t speak the local language, don’t worry! MFS(E) will provide you with a phrase book in your welcome bag to get you started with some useful words and phrases. You can also sign up for a free Rosetta Stone online learning course. Please e-mail our Virtual Programs Coordinator  to sign up.  If you would like to attend a local class, contact your Community Services Provider  to learn about what costs can be reimbursed. 

Need an online dictionary? Try this one. It provides word translation from English to French, Spanish, Italian, as well as English-only word definitions.

Dining and entertainment

The combination of fresh ingredients and innovative chefs results in a tempting array dining choices. Not surprisingly, the "City of Lights" also boasts countless entertainment venues; a "night on the town" takes on a whole new meaning in Paris.

For online cinema information, check out Pariscope.  For more dining and entertainment ideas, visit Paris-anglo

To find out what's happening in and around the country, take a look at these online newspapers.

Centre for Intercultural Learning

The Centre for Intercultural Learning is an indispensable resource which will give you extensive information on culturally appropriate behaviour across a wide variety of personal and professional situations. You will also find information on the history, geography, economy and politics for virtually every country in the world. Click here for information about France.