Health Services

Health Services for Military Families in Stavanger, Norway

Standard of Care

Very similar to Canada, however you might find a longer wait for non-emergency/elective treatment.  There is a strong recommendation to elect for private care.

Access to Services

You must have a ‘D’ number to access care in Norway.  Contact JWC during your HHT if possible to find out how to get one.  Do not expect your providers to speak fluent English or French. 


You will be required to pay for all services at the time of treatment and submit to insurance for reimbursement.  Ask the receptionist for a detailed account before leaving the medical office as Sunlife may request rationale for services later. The cost for practitioners of alternative medicine is higher than in Canada.


Called Apoteks.  You may be required to show your ‘D’ number to collect prescriptions from pharmacies.

Dental and Specialists

Dental treatment is performed on the economy and while more expensive than in Canada, it is of a very high standard. Children under 18 with a ‘D’ number are entitled to free dental care in a public clinic. 
All specialists including physiotherapy and alternative medicine require a referral from a GP and there is a fee for those referrals.